PCB for Riscor Consultant (Pvt) Ltd

Relay Controller

50 pcs of dual layered PCBs within one week

ISD Limited had an urgent requirement for 50 pcs of dual layered PCBs manufactured within one week .

Glad that we could meet their dead lines.
PCB Design : ISD Limited.

An ongoing project conjunction with Laugfs Holdings Limited

This is an ongoing project with conjunction with Laugfs Holdings Limited. We are at the stage of prototype manufacturing.

Dimension : 10 cm x 5 cm
Layers : 2
Surface : HASL

Quantity : Initial Stage 10 prototypes , Final : 300 units


Ethernet Controller PCB

Ethernet Controller PCB For a Customer…

PCB designed ,Manufactured and Assembled By Team Lanka PCB
Dimension : 5cm  x 10 cm
Material     : FR4
Thickness : 1.6mm
Surface    : HASL

Quantity : 10

Capacitor drop power supply

Capacitor drop power supply for a customer…
Designed,Manufactured & Assembled by Team LankaPCB…

Dimension : 3cm x 1.6 cm
Layers      : 1
Material     : FR4
Surface    : HASL

Quantity : 2000