Surge Protector PCB

Surge Protector PCB for a customer..

PCB design and manufacturing by team Lanka PCB

Relay Controller

PCB Designed and Manufactured for Intelligent Automation

This is PCB which we designed and manufactured for Intelligent Automation (pvt) Ltd.

Dimension : 5cm x 5cm
Layers : 2
Surface : HASL
Quantity : 130


PCB Designed and Manufactured for Firetech (Pvt) Ltd

Firetech (Pvt) Ltd had a requirement to have a board with GPRS connectivity. This is the board which we designed and manufactured for them.

Microcontroller : Atmega328A
GSM/GPRS module : SIM900

Dimension : 5cm x 10 cm
Layers : 2
Surface :HASL

Quantity : 10 at the initial launch , Prototype testing at the moment

EL Light Controller

EL Light Controller For Sri Lanka Air Force….

Designed and Manufactured By Team LankaPCB at Aptinex

Ethernet Controller PCB

Ethernet Controller PCB For a Customer…

PCB designed ,Manufactured and Assembled By Team Lanka PCB
Dimension : 5cm  x 10 cm
Material     : FR4
Thickness : 1.6mm
Surface    : HASL

Quantity : 10

Capacitor drop power supply

Capacitor drop power supply for a customer…
Designed,Manufactured & Assembled by Team LankaPCB…

Dimension : 3cm x 1.6 cm
Layers      : 1
Material     : FR4
Surface    : HASL

Quantity : 2000