How to export Allegro/OrCAD PCB to Gerber files and NC Drill File

  1. Once the Design is ready, open the OrCAD tool and crosscheck the necessary parameters.
  2. Go to Export > then select Gerber Parameters.
  3. Select all the Gerber parameters as shown in the image below and then click on “OK”.
  4. Again go to Export and click on Export parameters.
  5. Select the suitable format and then click on OK.
  6. Go to Export and then click on Gerber.
  7. Select the layers and then click on “Create Artwork”
  8. Once you have selected the suitable checks, click on OK.
  9. Click on Export and then select NC drill.
  10. Select the appropriate settings and then click on drill.
  11. Click on “close”
  12. All the files will be created.
  13. Select the files and then compress them into .Zip file.